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Another of the South Wales venue’s was the one in Aberdare, a town situated roughly 20 miles north west of Cardiff. It is known that Greyhound Racing began with a meeting on the 26th of December 1932, at The Aberdare or sometimes called The Ynys Stadium a sports venue situated less than a mile east of Aberdare’s town centre. The venue was the home to Aberdare Athletic Football Club a team who played in the football league during the mid 1920’s. Greyhound Racing was staged at an independent level, and continued into the early 1960’s, yet at present no other further details are available. The venue no longer exists with the site now covered by the Aberdare Community School and a sports pitch.

Press cutting dated April 6th 1933.
Two images of the venue from the late 1930’s.
These 3 captions printed in The Greyhound Owner, this one dated September 1949.
Caption dated July 1952.
Dated January 1st 1953.
Derelict Ynys Stadium during the mid 1960’s.