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York Rugby League Ground, Clarence Street, York, North Yorkshire YO31 7DE

The City of York maybe more world famous for its huge cathedral, yet it may come as a surprise to many that it once hosted greyhound racing within its boundaries.

The Greyhound Owner newspaper reveals that the sport took place at the town’s rugby ground during 1962. The venue was known as The Clarence Street Ground and was located less than a mile northeast of York city centre.

Events were staged at a temporary level, with a two-bend course laid which created a 275-yard distance. It is presumed a trackless hare was used as the lure. Further information remains remote, but it is thought that an only a handful of meetings were staged.

The Clarence Street Rugby Ground also known as Wigginton Road, no longer exists, having been in existence since September 1885. The venue staged its final rugby league fixture on the 26th of March 1989, the venue was almost immediately demolished during the following Summer.

New Flats known as Hanson Place now covers the site, and leaves no evidence of the stadium, although a small building along Wigginton Road which was once attached to the venue still survives and now acts as a Children’s nursery.

These adverts printed in The Greyhound Owner newspapers are dated June 7th 1962 above, June 14th 1962 below.
Two views of the rugby stadium, the small white building on the above picture still exists acting as a children’s nursery and pinpoints were the venue once lay.