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Town Cricket Ground, Off Blackwood, Coalville, Leicestershire LE67 4RF

Confusion regarding the dates of the first meeting of greyhound racing in the town of Coalville has been debated over the years. Two dates have appeared in various books and on the internet, namely October 15th, 1927, and December 26th 1927.

Further research does reveal that these two dates link themselves to two different greyhound racing venues. The December date refers to the more recognised Coalville venue that continued racing up until December 1998, a venue located behind the Halfway House Public House on Belvoir Road about half a mile south of the town centre.

But this paragraph describes an earlier venue located about a mile northeast of the town centre known as The Town Ground. The Town Ground was in fact a cricket ground situated off Blackwood Road. Little is known on how events were staged, although the latter end of 1927 had witnessed a handful of gatherings on the site, with events compiling both greyhound and whippets.

It is presumed that events were contested on a temporarily laid out course, usually with the hounds chasing a drag lure. It is not known how long events lasted for, but presently the site still hosts cricket and is now the home of Broomleys Cricket Club.

The above cutting is dated October 15th 1927,the one below printed on the 17th gives the results from the meeting.