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Scours Lane, Oxford Rd, Tilehurst, Reading

The suburb of Tilehurst is located west of Reading town centre. More known to its link to greyhound racing with the old, licensed track known as the Tilehurst Stadium.

But what is revealed by past newspapers is that a flapping track did exist within exaggerated a stone’s throw away from the more established venue.

First gatherings took place during 1931 and would continue to stage meetings into 1935. Although its location has yet to be confirmed, my presumption of where it lay was on the west side of Scours Lane, just north of the railway embankment. It was enclosed by rusty steel corrugated sheeting.

The site suggested is now covered by Riverside Park Homes.

This caption during the Riverside’ track’s early days dated September 12th 1931, gives a brief description on primitive the track was.
This caption dated August 3rd 1934, describes as if the track was not welcome.
An advert in the local press showing racing took place at two separate sites in Reading
In June 1934 Reading Riverside Track raced twice on a Sunday
Court case 1935
In April 1936 the Riverside track applied for betting license under the 1934 Betting and Lotteries Act. The clipping below suggests the application was refused and this most likely led to the closure of the track