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It is known that this region staged Greyhound Racing at other venues other than the ones listed in the MAIN TRACK list, the reason mainly due to them staging just a handful of meetings on a temporary license which would have been issued by their local council and allowed betting on one particular designated site on 8 occasions per betting year. These were generally known as ‘Flip Meetings’ or ‘eight-day tracks’.

The list also includes venues that may have been a permanent venue with a betting license, yet limited information defies it from being amongst other permanent venues.

If sufficient information is obtained, then the track will be transferred into the permanent section. I have to make it clear also that some venues obtained betting licenses but failed to stage meetings and therefore are not included in the listings.

A SUMMARY TABLE for this region now added at the end.


BIRTLEY —- Details of Betting License Application (seeking evidence of racing)

STANHOPE Agricultural Grd


STOCKTON Victoria Ground — Details of Betting License Application (seeking evidence of racing)

WOLSINGHAM & WEAR Showgrounds                                                 



HEBBURN — Details of Betting License Application (seeking evidence of racing)


SUMMARY TABLE with details of first and last meeting dates

BIRTLEY Lic JAN 1942 By 1948 Research further
STANHOPE Agricultural Grd 11 SEP 1978 Maybe 1978 FLIP 8 day track
STOCKTON Portrack Rac NOV 1933 ~ Mid 1930s ~ Short Lived Venture
STOCKTON Victoria Grd Lic JAN 1945 Lic 1948 Short Lived Venture
WOLSINGHAM & WEAR Showgrounds 07 SEP 1983 1990’s FLIP 8 day track
HEBBURN Lic N/O 1949 n/a Research further
HETTON-le-HOLE Rac MAY 1969 Maybe 1969 FLIP 8 day track