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A race card obtained for a meeting in Bude in Cornwall, has unearthed the question were was the tracks’ location. After visiting Bude and discussing the issue with local historians it has become virtually impossible to locate where the sport actually took place.

The date of the programme is June 1936, and impressions leave me knowing that it ran through the summer season on recreational land somewhere on the outskirts of Bude. At this moment in time, it still remains a mystery regarding where Greyhound Racing took place in Bude.

Even the race card reveals very little, not even the distances, yet pencilled in are results and times, showing that all races were timed between 21 and 22 seconds, giving an indication that the course was around 400 yards. But again, there is no indication that it was a circuit or a straight track, not even a type of lure is suggested. but what is revealed is that it staged six dog level break races, on evening meetings during summer.

A racecard dated June 1936.