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Wheatley Bank, Walsoken, Wisbech, Norfolk PE14

The village of Walsoken is located one mile northeast of Wisbech in Cambridgeshire. It is on the northeastern outskirts of the village that a track called Wheatley Bank was known to be active during 1939 and the 1950’s.

The venue was minimal in size, capable of holding around 500 spectators, and remains unclear whether it had any covered accommodation.

Its exact location still remains a mystery, yet Wheatley Bank Road is found one and a half miles northeast of Wisbech town centre, winding its way through arable farmland parallel to the A47.

The venue up for sale printed in The Greyhound Owner of January 1953.
Wheatley Bank gains another mention in a November 1956 edition of The Greyhound Owner.