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Rouncil Lane, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV8 1FF

The Warwickshire civil parish of Kenilworth lies six miles southwest of Coventry, and five miles north of the historical town of Warwick.

It is known that a greyhound racing venue did exist within the boundaries of Kenilworth, on farmland close to Fern Hill Farm. The Farm still exists today and is found north of Rouncil Lane roughly one mile southwest of Kenilworth town centre.

It is known that racing began during 1963 and certainly continued during the summer months during the 1960’s. Events were staged over 350 yards with the hounds chasing a ball hare type lure. No doubt the site returned to act as grazing land once sporting activities had ceased.

This GO advert is dated June 18th 1964.
The local press cutting is dated December 1966.
An advert printed in The Greyhound Owner newspaper dated August 1967.