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The University City of Cambridge becomes another city to host Greyhound Racing at more than one venue within its boundaries. This chapter covers a venue that was found on Coldham’s Lane four miles south east of Cambridge city centre in the district of Cherry Hinton. It was the Cambridge and District Greyhound Racing Club that began to organise meetings around 1930, on a patch of land that once hosted garden allotments. But by 1931 an enclosed venue was more recognised, staging its first meeting on the 10th of April 1931, with whippets also taking part in events. Events were contested over a distance of 440 yard’s, but it is not known whether it was complete circuit or not. Meetings were staged throughout the 1930’s, but faded away by the decade as by 1939 the land became occupied by a motor vehicle scrap merchant. This business covered the site for many years following, and it is only in modern times that new housing began to cover the site. To locate the site today these houses are found south east of Kathleen Elliot Way, about half a mile west of Cherry Hinton, and leaves no evidence at all of a greyhound track ever having been there.

An external view of the now gone car scrapyard. Who knows but the rusty corrugated sheeting may have been part of the old dog track.