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Burton Albion Football Club have now established themselves as a very successful football league club. They presently play at The Pirelli stadium since moving from an earlier stadium more nearer the town known as Eton Park. It was a venue rich with local tradition, having opened during 1958. By the late 1960’s the stadium had become quite a substantial amateur football stadium having a crowd capacity of 4,500 with 2,000 of them under cover. But it was the financial hardship that the football club was suffering at the time that brought Greyhound Racing to Eton Park in 1967. Little is known on how the sport operated, but it is clear that it was for a brief spell only. Eton Park continued hosting amateur football once the greyhounds had gone and continued to do so up until 2005, after it had closed due to it having been sold to developers. Housing on Clough Drive, Barley Close and Barker Round Way now pinpoint the site of were Eton Park once lay.

This advert was found in the Greyhound Owner newspaper dated June 1967.
The now demolished main stand at Eton Park would no doubt have witnessed greyhound racing during its time.