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Long Lane, Yeovil, Somerset

The Somerset town of Yeovil could submit four greyhound racing venues to the long list of the sport, with the more recognised venue at Larkhill being its most established one, with three further venues that could be added to the temporary list.

One of these venues is described in this chapter, and became known as Barwick Fields, a recreation ground situated just off Long Lane in the village of Barwick. The village of Barwick is found two miles south of Yeovil. Barwick’s first meeting came on the 22nd of August 1931, with 1500 patrons witnessing a hound called Night of the Sky winning the first event.

Races were run over a 525-yard two bend course that was in the shape of a horseshoe, with possibly a drag hare used as the lure. Racing ceased during the early part of 1932, with another greyhound track soon taking its place more nearer the town centre of Yeovil.

It is not exactly clear were racing took place in Barwick, as Long Lane is no longer located on maps, yet there is a footpath that follows were Long Lane once lay just north of the village. This footpath branches of Rex’s Lane opposite a farm and last’s for almost a mile before meeting Two Tower Lane.

This local press cutting is dated August 28th 1931.