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Longhaugh, Dundee, Angus, DD4 9JX

Already the City of Dundee is mentioned on having two Greyhound Racing venues, both situated around the cities Scottish Football League grounds, but newspaper evidence proves that it had a third track, although less luxurious as it became nothing more than a temporary track only.

The venue was located in the district of Midmill, a district found roughly two miles northeast of Dundee city centre. It was known as the Longhaugh track, a venue that failed to establish itself, probably due to the outbreak of the Second World War in September of 1939.

It was during the early months of 1939, that a promoter was given permission to construct a track on the grounds of an old Horse Racing circuit that had closed in 1925. The promoter’s application for a betting licensed had been rejected, but a council license did approve of him staging a maximum of eight meetings during that Summer.

The shape of the track itself still remains unclear, but it is known that races were staged over 285 yards, which possibly makes it a two-bend affair. It definitely had no track side lighting, as all meetings were staged during daylight hours, with its first meeting coming on the 21st of June 1939, with a greyhound called “The Baron” winning the first event.

Little else is known on how it operated, but the site dwindled away after hostilities had ceased. Today, the site remains undeveloped may be because it is located on a hill rise, and yet it comes as no surprise that there is no evidence at all of greyhound racing or horse racing.

Press cutting dated June 14th 1939.
Press cutting dated June 20th 1939.
Press cutting dated June 22nd 1939.
This image shows the site fifty years later, although the Gasometer in the foreground no longer exists.