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It may surprise many, but the Fifeshire town of Dunfermline and its surrounds have been host to a number of Greyhound Racing venues, such as the ones found at East End Park and the two confirmed Western venues in Milesmark. Yet this chapter reveals a less familiar one, how long it lasted remains to be seen, although 1936 local newspapers identifies the venue as The Western track and that it had opened on the 3rd of June calling itself the West Fife Stadium. Information remains very sketchy indeed, but the track is clearly mentioned that it was situated near the village of Backmuir, roughly two miles west of the first identified Western track. Information regarding distances and operation remains to be revealed, but it is likely that the track was very primitive, and may have lasted for a short period of time. Again its exact location remains a mystery, as no Ordnance Survey maps reveal its location, with the track possibly being nothing more than a marked out circuit in a farmer’s field.

These two local press cuttings proves that the track existed, but were ?.
The upper cutting is dated November 1936, the lower November 1938.