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Field House Farm, Dunham Rd, Darlton, Nottigham NG22 0TA

The Dunham schooling track in Nottinghamshire, has yet to add itself to list of temporary racing venues, the simple reason is, is that it has not yet taken place, even though efforts have been made.

It has at one stage offered itself for public trials, but all trials now are aimed at schooling pups away from the public eye. It has an all-sanded surface track which offers distances of 275 and 480 metres, with a Swaffham type hare system controlled by staff perched in a panoramic tower that overlooks the western side of the track, which also incidentally issues electrically timed readings.

The track’s location finds itself blending in with the countryside, tucking itself away behind a farm that lays adjacent to the busy A57 road. Satellite views shows that the track is situated in pleasant surrounds, found roughly three miles east of the A1.