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Yate Street, Camlachie, Glasgow G31 4AE

Two and a half miles southwest of Glasgow city centre is the district of Camlachie, a district that was once the home of a sports venue known as Glasgow Nelson. It was originally known as the Olympic Stadium but changed its name to Glasgow Nelson after inheriting the venue’s owner’s name.

It was situated within a quarter of a mile northwest of Glasgow Celtics football ground and separated only by a busy railway line on one side and hemmed in by housing on Mountainblue Street and Janefield Street on the other.

The Olympic Stadium began life during 1923, developing as a recreational area for the local community. Yet by the mid 1920’s the venue had took shape in the way of a trotting circuit, before Dirt Track Speedway racing arrived in March 1928. But due to the restricted land available the track was an unfamiliar oval egg-shaped affair, with long straights and two extremely tight bends, one of which was tighter than the other.

Speedway failed to attract the expected interest, and the cinder track was covered with a grass circuit to host Greyhound and Whippet Racing. Speedway returned once again in 1932.

Again, Speedway failed to attract crowds and ceased after just a few meetings before the venue returned to local sporting duties, with the odd Boxing bout featuring before it was demolished in 1937.

The site is eventually covered by housing on Stamford Road, Stamford Place and Stamford Street, and also houses on Dalserff Street, but some of these have been demolished since.

This flyer is dated December 1933.
This OS Map is dated 1946. The Olympic Stadium is shown just above centre, with Celtic’s Parkhead Football Stadium on the opposite side of the railway line.