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Birkbeck Ave, Perivale, Greenford, London, Middlesex

Another of the greyhound tracks that failed to gain a foot hold was the one in Greenford, North London. It was a track that was laid within a trotting circuit, and featured for the first time on the 31st of October 1927, round about the time that Dirt Track Speedway began to feature also.

The venue which could accommodate 6,000 racegoers, was located on Birkbeck Avenue roughly ten miles northwest of London city centre. Although Greyhound Racing ceased presumably in 1928, Harness Racing and Dirt Track Speedway continued right up until 1931, their brief spell ended due to complaints from locals about noise levels.

It is known that Car Racing took place at the venue in 1934, yet by the declaration of the Second World War the venue had gone, its foundations disappearing beneath housing on Jeymer Drive.

This image is dated October 29th 1927.
A press cutting dated November 19th 1927.
This newspaper cutting is dated December 10th 1927.
Item provided courtesy of Mr A Nash.
Two aerial views dated 1928, the greyhound traps just about noticeable left of centre.