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Carr Lane, Grimsby DN32 8JP

Information regarding Greyhound Racing in the Lincolnshire coastal town of Grimsby remains sketchy, but evidence is revealed that it once featured at least two different venues in the town.

The first experience was in the district of West Marsh at a track located on the northwest side of town, but this chapter describes a venue on Grimsby’s southern side. Its location was a Sportfield situated behind The British Railway Sports Ground on Carr Lane, found half a mile from Grimsby town centre.

Adverts appear in the Greyhound Owner weekly newspaper during July of 1967, although these clips offer limited information regarding the racing side of things, but it does reveal that a gathering would take place on Thursday evenings. It is known that Carr Lane Social Club still exists, and it is presumed that these events were staged on grounds at the rear of this venue.

This advert featured in the Greyhound Owner newspaper of July 1967.