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The earlier of the two Grimsby Greyhound Racing venues was known as the Great Grimsby Greyhound Track. It was situated in the district of West Marsh, an industrious area located roughly one mile north of Grimsby town centre.

The venue had developed on a large grazing field just off Gilbey Road at the end of Elsenham Road and staged its first meeting during December 1932. Although a high fence surrounded the track, the adjacent railway embankment became a great viewing point for many a spectator that was reluctant to pay the entrance fee.

It operated for a number of years and ceased operations during late October 1939, before returning to its original duty as a farmer’s field. Later that same field became covered by railway sidings, their reasons was to cope with the vast amounts of imported wood pulp required by a local paper mill.

Cutting dated October 1932.
This advert December 16th 1932.
Front page news December 17th 1932.
Cutting date unknown.
Results dated January 1939.
Meetings advertised on October 18th 1939.
The venue advertised for sale during November 1939.