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Notley Road, Braintree, Essex, CM7

The town of Braintree in Essex becomes host to two small Greyhound Racing venues, one dated during the 1930’s the other during the late 1960’s.

It is the Notley Road venue that is described in this chapter, which operated during 1932, its brief spell lasting during the Spring and Summer months only. It had developed on a meadow adjacent to Godling’s Farm, opposite the Angel Public House on Notley Road.

The venue had covered stand capable of accommodating 1000 patrons, with a new kennel block built to house 42 hounds. The track had electric lighting, a totalisator system, along with bookmakers attending the three arranged meetings per week.

First account of a meeting was on the 20th of February, its last accountable one being on the 22nd of July. The hounds raced over a distance of 475 yards, with the lure being a rabbit skin attached to a punchball pulled along by a Rolls Royce motor engine situated on the infield of the track.

The land reverted back to a grazing meadow soon after its brief spell, and that is how it remained until new housing was built on the site during the 1970’s. Houses on Kenworthy Road now pinpoints the tracks once location, situated less than half a mile south of Braintree town centre.

Above and below press cuttings dated February 19th 1932.
This cutting dated February 26th 1932.
This cutting is dated March 4th 1932.