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Buckingham Road, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP20

It seems for a number of decades that Greyhound Racing took place at a few venues in the Buckinghamshire town of Aylesbury.

This chapter covers the gathering that took place at or the vicinity of a football ground on Buckingham Road. Probably more recognised as the home to Aylesbury United Football Club, yet evidence does show that the sport took place during the early 1950’s, and also as late as 1987.

It is not clear exactly where the track was, but some adverts say it was a straight course, while other adds offer a half circle or a one bend affair. Distances range from 320 to 350 yards, and some 400 yards, and that a ball hare type hare was used as the lure.

It seems the sport was promoted by the same one that arranged gatherings at Loudwater near High Wycombe. The football ground at Buckingham Road is still there, at presently it remains abandoned and overgrown, but the next question is for how long.

This advert was printed in The Greyhound Owner of July 1954.
This GO advert is dated June 23rd 1960.
This advert dated August 1967.
This Greyhound Owner advert is dated May 1971.
This advert dated May 1984.