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Bridge Street, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire LU7

It is known that greyhound racing took place in the of the Bedfordshire town of Leighton Buzzard during the early 1930’s.

Newspaper cuttings shows that the sport operated during 1931 on a track constructed on a section of land adjacent to the River Ouzel sited along its eastern banks. Its location was at the rear of a school situated just off Bridge Street, just west of the town centre.

Little is known on how or how long it operated, but it is presumed that its existence was for just a brief only and had ceased before the mid 1930’s.

Today, the site of the track is now covered by further construction of school buildings, and it is presumed that no evidence of the venue remains.

This press cutting is dated July 1931.
This local press cutting dated May 24th 1932, indicates that the track suffered from flooding from the adjacent river, which may have contributed to the reason why the venue did not last long.