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Old Show Football Ground, Scunthorpe

Adverts found in The Greyhound Owner newspaper of 1965 reveals that greyhound racing took place at Scunthorpe United’s old football ground.

Up until 1988, Scunthorpe played at a venue known as The Old Show Ground, a stadium situated less than a mile west of Scunthorpe town centre. All is known is that the hounds contested behind a ball hare type lure and raced over a 240-yard-long straight course, yet no further information tells us how long for.

The stadium was eventually sold to a supermarket chain and was redeveloped during the late 1980’s. A Sainsbury’s supermarket stands on the current site along Doncaster Road which leaves behind no remnants of the former ground, although a memorial plaque is situated close to the supermarket entrance.

This advert from The Greyhound Owner during June 1965.
An aerial shot of The Old Show Ground, Scunthorpe, prior to its closure in 1988.