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West Park, Higher St Budeaux, Plymouth, Devon, P5

The Devon city of Plymouth seems to have been blessed with Greyhound Racing during the sports pioneering days. Three Greyhound Racing venues in the city found themselves established for a good number of years as permanent tracks, yet a handful of tracks would come and go over a short period of time, and therefore would add themselves to the temporary track list.

This chapter describes one of those, and became known as The Devonport Greyhound & Whippet track, which once operated in the district of West Park. Its first meeting was staged on the 10th of October 1931, and would continue staging events during 1932, but further information after this period is unavailable, and therefore it is presumed that operations ceased about then.

Its exact location remains unknown, but the district of West Park is located four miles northwest of Plymouth city centre just north of the A38.