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Wharf Farm, Stratton St, Margarets, Swindon, Wiltshire

There is evidence to show that Greyhound Racing took place during August 1956 in the Wiltshire parish of Stratton St Margaret, a parish found roughly three miles northeast of Swindon.

The Greyhound Racing venue in question was known as Wharf Farm and was once located opposite the present Stratton Park. It is known that the hounds were spot graded and that they contested over a 300-yard straight course and chased a drag lure.

No other information is available, but it is presumed that the site returned back to being a farmer’s field in time. The actual Wharf Farm no longer exists, as its foundations are now covered by new dwellings which are found at the far east of Trajan Road and just west of Wanborough Road, in an area found two and a half miles east of Swindon and south of the A419, A4312 interchange.

This advert appears in a Greyhound Owner of July 1956.