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Aylestone Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE2

The city of Leicester and its surrounds have been host to a good number of greyhound racing venues. Its flagship, The Leicester Stadium which closed in 1984, had become its most established, but throughout the pioneering days of the sport other venues sprang to life.

The first one which is described in this paragraph was at The Agricultural Showground, Aylestone Road, a venue associated with Leicester County Cricket Club, situated about a mile southwest of Leicester city centre.

A temporary track was constructed seeing the venue stage its first meeting on the 24th of September 1927. Unfortunately, Greyhound Racing failed to attract the attention expected and by October 6th had ceased operations.

Press cutting dated September 17th 1927.
September 23rd 1927.
September 26th 1927.
September 26th 1927.
October 1st 1927.
Cutting dated September 30th 1927.
This cutting dated October 6th 1927.