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Another of the Leicester’s greyhound racing venues was located just two miles north east of Leicester’s city centre. It was located east of Melton Road on land north of Belgrave Lodge, a large building clearly marked on 1930’s Ordnance Survey maps, although evidence of a stadium was never shown on these type of maps. More recognised as a Speedway Racing venue it developed during 1928 and took just five weeks to construct, this timescale included the construction of the main grandstand. The venue became known as The Leicester Super Track, and staged its first Dirt track meeting on the 18th of May 1929. It was hoped the venue would become popular, so too did The Fosseway Public house close by, as that was renamed The Speedway hotel. But the venture failed to establish itself and by August 1931 speedway had ceased. With the stadium laying idle, 1931 witnessed the introduction of Greyhound Racing, but again this sport too failed to get a foothold and soon faded away. It was during 1937 and 1938 that the stadium, along Belgrave Lodge, was demolished, and prior to the declaration of The Second World War new housing began to cover the site. The war had witnessed a halt on construction but further house building commenced during 1953, which eventually covered the rest of the site.

The site now is covered by housing on Glencore Avenue and Lockerbie Avenue, just off Melton Road and south of Troon Way on the southern side of Thurmaston. The Fosseway public house has now been totally refurbished and is now identified by the Indigo Restaurant. (Many thanks to Mr Patrick Jackson for pinpointing the venues location)

These two press cuttings dated September 10th 1931 above,
below dated December 14th 1931, the last cutting found in the press.
This 1938 Ordnance Survey map locates Belgrave Lodge centre of map. (Courtesy of Old Maps).