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Cambridge Greyhound Track, Marshall Airport, Newmarket Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB5

Another venue to host greyhound racing within the boundaries of Cambridge was the one located on Newmarket Road, in the village of Teversham, a village located three miles east of Cambridge city centre.

It is known that The Cambridge & District Greyhound Racing Club held meetings there during the 1930’s. A newspaper report indicates racing took place at a Newmarket Road venue in September 1932. It is thought the first meeting was on 25 March 1932.

Newspaper dated 01 April 1932 suggests track just opened

Gatherings may have been staged during summer months only, with two meetings arranged weekly with a Monday and a Thursday evening schedule starting at 7pm. Local press cuttings suggest that no further meetings were scheduled after July 1939.

At present information regarding the venue’s details and its exact location remains unavailable.

Newspaper report September 1932
A press cutting dated April 5th 1939.
April 17th 1939.
This one dated July 8th 1939.