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Huish Football and Athletic Ground, Yeovil, Somerset

The large Somerset town of Yeovil has experienced Greyhound Racing at a number of locations around the town over the years. But reports suggest that the sport was first staged at The Huish, the towns earlier football ground on the 12th of May 1928.

No information is available on how long it lasted, as it must have been for a brief period only, as the sport re-emerged at other venues in the town during the following years.

Shortly after the end of the Second World War, a betting license was granted, but no evidence of a return of the sport has been recovered. The Old Huish Stadium was located less than a mile west of Yeovil town centre, and in time built itself a reputation of being an established football ground, although league football was never played there.

Having been used as a sporting venue since 1897, it was eventually demolished in 1990, after it had been sold to make way for a new Tesco Superstore.

A betting license was granted during 1945, but no evidence of Greyhound Racing has been found from this period.