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One mile from Clapton Stadium, on the marshes near River Lea

It is known that events took place at a temporary greyhound track known to the locals as The Triangle. Its location was about a mile east of Clapton Stadium, and yet lay only two hundred yards north of the old Hackney Stadium.

It was in an August 1951 edition of The Greyhound Owner that The Triangle is mentioned, laid out somewhere on the marshes of The River Lea. Operations had taken place during June 1951, but no other information is available on how long it existed for. Its exact location is not guaranteed, but it is thought that the present-day Eton Manor Walk which links the A106 Eastway and The A12, dissects the recreation ground that it is suggested events were held.

This cutting was found in The Greyhound Owner of August 1951.
An Ordnance Survey map dated around 1950, shows a triangular shape recreation ground, it is thought that The Triangle events took place here.