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The Boulevard Stadium, Airlie Street, Hull, Humberside HU3 3QT.

Hull’s Boulevard Stadium is already mentioned earlier in the listings as a venue for regular Greyhound Racing. Any information regarding its location and history is pointed out in that section. But one thing is not mentioned is that it once operated as a Flip Track.

The fifty plus years between its first closure in 1948 and its reopening in 2003, suggests that the stadium operated solely as a Rugby League Ground. But more intense investigations reveals that The Boulevard operated as a temporary greyhound track during the 1960’s, staging at the most eight meetings per year under The Council License Agreement.

Although the Greyhound Owner advert of July 1967 proves temporary meetings were held, not much is on offer to what distances the greyhounds contested over, but at least informs us that the hounds chased A Ball Type Hare. Little else is known whether temporary meetings were held over the following years, but what we do know is that The Boulevard continued to host its regular sport of Rugby League, until Greyhound Racing was re-introduced in 2003. 

An advert from the Greyhound Owner of June 1967.