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The McCain Stadium or The Seamer Road Football Ground as it was originally known, began life as a sporting venue during 1898. It would become the home to Scarborough Football Club, and later Scarborough Pirates, a Rugby League Club formed during the early 1990’s. The old football ground was located along the side of the busy A64 Seamer Road, situated roughly one and a half miles south west of Scarborough’s town centre. It seems a series of Flip meetings were found to have taken place from June, until August of 1966. Adverts suggest that the Greyhounds would chase a Ball Type Hare, over a distance of 250 yards, possibly around a two bend course. It still remains uncertain whether that Greyhound Racing featured on the actual football ground or on a section of grassland north of the stadium, which had been used as the clubs training pitch. Scarborough Football Club itself had a brief spell playing in The Football League, but financial pressures forced the club to fold in 2007, with debts amounting to 2.5 Million pounds. The football ground remained derelict and unused for the following four years before being totally demolished in 2011. Today, it is not known whether any evidence of the stadium remains, as a Lidl Store and new housing on Stadium Lane now covers the site.  Postcode YO12 4HF

The derelict McCain Stadium photographed during 2010, it is now more than 50 years since Greyhound Racing took place there. The venue is now covered by new dwellings.
An advert from The Greyhound Owner of May 1966.