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Thornton-le-Dale is a small village found roughly three miles east of Pickering in North Yorkshire. The village was the home to the Caulklands Greyhound Track, a smallish track which had been constructed on a five acre section of land, purchased from the owner of a nearby Limestone Quarry. Early developments of a greyhound track came to light during the early 1960’s, promoting itself just as a schooling track. Improvements were made during 1966, when the outside Sumner hare and other equipment was purchased from the old Bradford City Greyhound Stadium, a large venue which had closed during October 1965. The track was re-laid, and could now accommodate five dog races over distances of 460 and 650 yards. With new facilities now in position, attempts were made during 1966 to construct a permanent greyhound stadium, but planning permission was refused by the council, in their words saying that a greyhound track would not coincide with the beautiful surrounds of The North Yorkshire Moors. Albeit the Council did issue a temporary license, allowing The Caulklands Track to promote eight meetings per year, which allowed Bookmakers to operate legally on specified dates. It was during the Summer of 1967, that the nearby Pickering Greyhound Derby, previously run at the towns recreation ground, was transferred to the now improved Caulklands Track. Although the following years had seen Caulklands promote its temporary series of eight meetings, It still continued business as a Schooling Track. A number of issues still remains unclear regarding the history of the track. One of them is the year in which the track was removed, and the other is the tracks exact location. But when studying old maps, one may guess that the old Caulklands Track once lay on undeveloped land adjacent to an old Limestone Quarry that existed on the west side of Outgang Lane. This access road which today feeds a refuse site, is situated on the eastern side of the village, just off the A170 Scarborough Road.

Advertisement for the Legion’s Greyhound Derby in July 1967.