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Station Rd, Tollerton, York YO61 1RD

Tollerton is a small village in North Yorkshire, located roughly ten miles north of York, just off the A19.

Tollerton Greyhound Track was more recognised as a schooling track but took the opportunity to promote a series of meetings on a Temporary License Scheme. The grass turfed track ran a distance of 420 metres, with the greyhounds schooled to an inside Sumner type hare.

Meetings are found to have taken place around the early 1980’s, but by 1983 the venue had been refused a license regarding wishing to operate in 1984. It was around this period that planning applications had been put forward for the construction of a Club House and a car park, but again planning permission was refused.

Nothing is much heard of after this period regarding racing, with the site eventually being transformed into a Caravan Park. Today, The Tollerton Caravan Park is located northeast of the village along Sykes Lane, with The Station Hotel, now a Chinese Restaurant, being a pinpointer to where the old site used to be.

The site of the old track lies in a meadow at the rear of The Station Hotel, adjacent to a busy main Railway Line along Sidings Lane. 

This caption printed in The Greyhound Star dated 1983.
An advert found the Greyhound Owner of June 1983.