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The Greenfield Hotel, Upton, South Yorkshire WF9 1NP

The village of Upton is small ex mining community situated in South Yorkshire, approximately six miles southeast of Pontefract.

Greyhound Racing is known to have taken place during the latter years of the 1930’s on a site situated at the rear of The Greenfield Hotel. Entrances to the venue was along Waggon Lane and Green Lane, and it is thought that facilities at the venue was minimal. It is thought the site operated as a greyhound track from 1933 to maybe 1939.

One newspaper cutting reports The Carters’ Knottingley Brewery Co Ltd had 3 tracks leased out on their land in the 1930s, namely: Upton, Great Houghton & Pontefract Willow Lane. The first lease to be agreed was in 1933 to the tenant of the Greenfield Hotel, Upton, who wanted to attract the local mining community.

Virtually nothing is known how it operated but it is thought the venue became redundant prior to the declaration of The Second World War. Houses on Greenacre Road now occupies the six-acre site where the track once lay, with the site of the old Greenfield Hotel now pinpointed by a modern Co-operative store.

This local press cutting is dated July 12th 1935, confirms the location of the venue.