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Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, PE16

The small Cambridgeshire market town of Chatteris lies roughly fifteen miles north of Cambridge and becomes another small town to add it name to the list of temporary tracks. The track had developed on grazing land and was located one and a half miles east of Chatteris town centre, just off the A142 New Road, near the village of Horseway.

The track was an all-sanded circuit with 345 metres circumference, and had an outside Sumner type hare system to act as the lure. Its main intention was to operate as a schooling track, yet it did have spells of operating on a temporary license similar to the tracks at Stedlyn and Blindley Heath. But the owner of the track had ambitions, and once applied for a betting license, but unfortunately his proposals were rejected.

The track has now gone, and it is almost twenty years since a Greyhound trialled there, all fixtures and fittings of the track has also been removed, yet satellite views once offered its location, but even now the disturbed earth of where it once lay is difficult to find.