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The West Yorkshire town of Castleford is found nine miles south east of Leeds city centre, the town itself more recognised with greyhound racing with the close by Whitwood Greyhound Stadium. Yet there is evidence that greyhound racing took place at the Castleford Sports Stadium, a venue closer to the town centre just off Lock Lane, on a sports field that was once occupied by Castleford Town Football Club.

Little is known on how it operated, although it is suggested that events began during 1937 and was closed by 1964. Although no evidence of the track remains, the site today is in use as a rugby pitch and is now the home to the Lock Lane Amateur Rugby League Club, situated on the northern banks of the River Aire, roughly half a mile north of Castleford town centre.

This press cutting is dated January 1937.
An advert placed in the local press dated August 1939.
This Greyhound Owner caption dated July 1953, mentions Castleford and also Altofts, which is what The Whitwood Stadium was known then, proving both venues were in operation around that period.
This OS Map dated 1954 shows the venue in the centre. Courtesy of Old Maps.