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Rubens St, London SE6

It is known that Greyhound Racing took place on a section of recreation land east of the A212 Perry Hill Road and half a mile north of Lower Sydenham Station, a site situated roughly six miles southeast of London city centre. The site became known as Forest Hill Greyhound Track, or sometimes Perry Hill Stadium, but it seems the word stadium might have exaggerated its actual size.

It is thought that meetings were staged during 1933, yet it is not clear how long it lasted for, but other sources says that it lasted until around October 1935 the same year that Midget Car Racing was introduced at the venue. Distances remain unknown but a ball hare type lure, driven by a motor car engine, was the main attraction for the hounds.

Unfortunately, at this moment, information remains sketchy, although it is suggested that the site of the track may have been covered by the present cricket pitch located at the rear of Rutland Walk Sports and Social Club.

Newspaper cutting indicated PERRY HILL was licensed from July 1935 under the Betting & Lotteries Act