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The market town of Malton is situated in North Yorkshire, a smallish town located 20 miles south west of Scarborough and 15 miles north east of York. The Greyhound Owner newspaper reveals that greyhound racing was staged in the town at a temporary level at two different venues during 1963. One advert suggest that the sport was staged at The Showground on Pasture House Field, a venue located less than a mile north west of Malton town centre just north of Pasture Lane. The advert reveals that events were staged over a 300 yard straight course, with a ball hare being used as the lure. The advert also reveals that the gathering was organised by Robinsons Promotions of Scarborough. Today the site of The old Showground has only recently been covered by new housing along roads now known as Showground Road, Chapel Drive, Meadow Drive and Clover Avenue. Pasture House which was adjacent to the Showground field were the land was named after, was located along Outgang Road and still remains today.

This GO advert is dated April 8th 1963.