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The 7777 Stadium, Castle St, Maesteg CF34 9DS

The Welsh town of Maesteg is situated in The Llynfi Valley and lies about twelve miles east of Swansea, and roughly twenty miles north west of Cardiff.

Adverts printed in The Greyhound Owner newspaper proves that Greyhound Racing took place in the town at the local rugby ground during the 1960’s. Further newspaper evidence proves that greyhound racing had taken place prior to the Second World War, with cuttings dated 1930 offering adverts and results from the venue then. It is thought that the sport continued throughout the 1930’s but definite dates have yet to be determined.

The rugby ground still exists today and is known as The Old Parish Ground located at the end of Llynfi Road, and is situated less than half a mile north of Maesteg town centre. The venue today has no doubt changed considerably since those days of Greyhound Racing, leaving no evidence at all of it ever having been there.

The venue was also known as the 7777 track, possibly named after the nickname of the Maesteg Rugby Club who were formed during 1877. The track itself was a complete four bend circuit, no doubt surrounding the playing pitch, with an electric outside Sumner type hare operating as the lure. Distances were run over 500 yards, with the regular six greyhounds competing in events.

Its brief spell in the mid 1960’s was the last time the greyhounds performed, with the venue continuing to host Rugby Union from then on. On the13th August 2013, the stadium’s clubhouse was virtually gutted by fire, destroying the Sponsor’s Lounge including the rugby clubs precious memorabilia and also the supply of electricity. Further sections of the club were also damaged by smoke and water. After investigation by Fire Officers it had become clear the the fire was the result of an arson attack. Since then refurbishment has taken place, and the venue continues to host Rugby Union.

This local press cutting is dated July 7th 1930
This one dated October 28th 1930.
This GO advert is dated July 9th 1964.
These two GO articles are dated July 16th 1964.
This one dated September 17th 1964.
The Rugby club’s motive linked to the greyhound tracks name.
Three images of the venue during recent times.