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Torquay Stadium, Newton Road, Torquay, Devon TG2

The holiday resort of Torquay continues to attract holidaymakers of all ages throughout the year, with the tourist industry recognising it as The English Riviera on the South Devon Coast.

The town can boast that greyhound racing has always been linked to a venue known as The Halfway Track, located on the outskirts of the town in the village of Kingskerwell. Yet few of us may be aware that greyhound racing also featured at another sporting venue more nearer the town centre.

An advert printed in The Greyhound Owner reveals that greyhound racing took place during 1960 at Torquay Stadium, the town’s rugby ground. Unfortunately, the advert reveals virtually nothing on how it was to operate, even its timescale of existence remains questionable.

The venue still continues to host Rugby Union, and little may have changed since the early 1960’s as it main grandstand still exists. The venue is located less than a mile west of the town on the opposite side of the coastal road to the sea.

The Racing Manager requiring high standards in this Greyhound Owner advert dated July 21st 1960.
The main grandstand may have witnessed greyhound racing during 1960.