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Fen Road, Chesterton, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB4 

The city of Cambridge has certainly contributed to a good number of greyhound racing venues throughout the years. Adverts printed in the Greyhound Owner newspapers during 1964 tells us that the sport also took place just off Fen Road, a venue situated roughly two miles north east of the city.

Although the venues exact location has yet to be determined, it is suggested that the venue was located just south of Cambridge North Railway Station, roughly 100 yards east of a level crossing in a meadow adjacent to Fen Road.

Events were staged under a temporary license, with the hounds contesting over a 300-yard two bend course, with a trackless ball hare used as the lure.

Two adverts printed in the Greyhound Owner newspaper above dated July 16th 1964, below August 13th 1964.
This GO caption is dated August 20th 1964.