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The next temporary Greyhound Racing venture described has totally come out of the blue, and needs confirming from you the reader if it did at all exist. A caption in The Greyhound Owner newspaper dated May 4th 1961, describes a venue at Tirphill near New Tredegar in South Wales. The mining town of New Tredegar must not be confused with another town called Tredegar located four miles to the north, which incidentally became host to two other greyhound racing venues at The Rec and Jesmond Dene. The caption gives no indication on how greyhound racing at Tirphill operated or even how long it lasted. The location of the venue also remains a mystery, old maps reveal almost nothing regarding greyhound racing, but a venue known as Grove Park Stadium does show on a 1960 map. Presently, there has been no evidence that Grove Park Stadium hosted the sport, and furthermore the venue no longer exists, but the site still continues to operate as a sport field, situated less than a mile north of New Tredegar town centre.

This caption printed in The Greyhound Owner newspaper date May 4th 1961.
Another caption printed in The Greyhound Owner dated June 8th 1961 also confirms this new track.
This OS Map is dated 1960, Courtesy of Old Maps.