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 Carkeel, Saltash, Cornwall PL12

Captions printed in The Greyhound Star and The Greyhound Owner shows that greyhound racing was staged during the Summer of 1993, on a temporary track at a venue situated close to the Cornwall and Devon border.

The venue lay east of Carkeel, a small hamlet situated five miles northwest of Plymouth city centre, just of the A388. It shows that events were staged over a 325-yard straight course, with a drag lure pulled by a rope attached to a jacked-up car wheel.

Facilities were minimal with a refreshment tent and two bookmakers standing. Further captions shows that an oval circuit was constructed during the Summer of 1994.

It remains unclear on how things developed. The following information may not be certain, as the site today is possibly that of The Woodside Stables situated alongside the A388, can anyone confirm this.

This caption dated was found printed in The Greyhound Star from May 1993.
This caption dated July 1993.
This GO advert is dated July 9th 1993.
This advert found printed in The Greyhound Star.
Another write up found in The Greyhound Star this one dated August 1994.