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Jacks Hill, Graveley, Hitchin SG4 7EG

Another temporary greyhound racing venue to add to the list, was the one known as Jacks Hill Greyhound Racing Track. It was located in North Hertfordshire, about a mile south of today’s interchange between the A1M and the A505, and less than a mile north of the village of Graveley a village located just Southwest of Letchworth.

It seems meetings were staged adjacent to the Great North Road, more known today as the B197. The present-day area of Jacks Hill is more recognised for its small businesses, which assist when locating this venue, although the venue’s name originated from a local farm linked with the same name, which is found 200 yards further north.

Local Press adverts indicated that the sport was being promoted during Springtime of 1933. No further promotions have been recovered as yet to show that it operated more than this period, so it may be assumed that the venture may not have been a success.

It’s exact location still remains a mystery, although favourably events may have taken place on land linked to the farm on the opposite side of the road to the Business Park. Present day maps shows that the old Jack’s Hill farm has been renovated and is now situated on the northern edge of the Chesfield Downs Golf Course, so it must be safe to say, that any evidence of this venue’s existence would almost certainly have been erased.

This advert found in the local press dated April 11th 1933.