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maybe near High Street, Stratford, London E15, Essex

The Harrow Greyhound Racing Track was based in the Borough of Stratford, roughly four miles northeast of London city centre, and just to make things clear, that its location had no links at all to the Borough of Harrow as you may have first thought.

Its title name probably arising to the links to the now demolished Harrow Public House that was once located on High Street in Stratford. Old newspaper cuttings clearly confirms that the venue began operations during December 1930, yet other reports offer minimal information on how it operated, or how long it existed.

Below shows a press photo showing a burnt-out tote trailer, proving that it did operate a totalisator system, which also confirms more or less that it was not popular at all with the resident bookmakers.

The actual location of the greyhound track still remains to be determined, but my thoughts are on sports field close by, with the nearest located adjacent to Bisson Road in Stretford, but then again, I must add that it may have not been there. Another fact to add is that The Harrow Public house no longer exists, its foundations now submerged beneath The Stratford Luxury Apartments located on the A118 High Street in Stratford.

This caption dated December 15th 1930, announces the opening meeting at The Harrow.
These two press cuttings are dated December 23rd 1930.
An early photograph of The Harrow Public House located on High Street in Stratford, my thoughts are that the track may have had links to this venue.