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Star Road, Peterborough, Cambridgehire, PE1 5HT

Probably the least known greyhound racing venue within the vicinity of Peterborough, was the one known as Star Road. Its name given no doubt to where it was located, roughly half a mile east of Peterborough city centre, and yet only half a mile west of the more known Fengate stadium.

Press cuttings reports that the first events took place on April 4th 1931. It is also clear that the final meeting took place on September 26th 1931. Due to the final meeting date and the opening date of the Fengate venue the following week,

it is my presumption that the company that promoted racing at Star Road continued operations at the Fengate track. Again, the exact location of the Star Road venue remains unknown.

This press cutting is dated April 17th 1931, below dated October 2nd 1931.