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Staplefords Recreation Ground, Mantle Road, Coalville, Leicestershire LE67

Further investigation regarding greyhound racing in Coalville reveals a third venue. The Belvoir Road venue still remains as the town’s established track, with a lesser-known venue staging meetings at the town’s cricket ground, and now a third venue known as The Victory Track.

The Victory track developed on Stablefords Recreation Ground, a Sports field situated east of Mantle Road. Mantle Road heads northwards away from Coalville’s town centre, with the tracks exact locations lying about half a mile north of the town, the site of which is presently covered by an industrial estate just east of Lidl’s car park.

On the racing side of things, The Victory tracks first meeting took place on July 19th 1929, a card made up of mainly Whippets, Six dog race events were staged over distances of 330 and 500 yards with a trackless hare system used as a lure. Daylight gatherings continued regularly throughout the latter end of 1929, but newspaper articles shows that no further meetings took place after December of that year.

A local press report caption dated July 20th 1929 announces the Victory Track’s opening meeting.