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Hopping Hill, Duston, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN5

It is known that greyhound racing took place at a venue known as Hopping Hill during 1931. The district of Hopping Hill is located roughly two miles northwest of Northampton town, situated along the A428 Harlestone Road.

The location of the track is thought to have been in the grounds of a Bungalow, which no longer exists, but would today be located about 50 yards pass the junction with Lodge Way heading north along the western edge.

The track is thought to have been laid in a meadow somewhere between todays Woodland Close and Harlestone Road. No further details of the venue are available, but it is thought that the site is now built over.

This local press cutting is dated May 18th 1931 announcing the new track at Hopping Hill.
This press cutting dated May 19th 1931.
This report regarding the opening meeting is dated May 26th 1931.
This 1938 Ordnance Survey Map does show some earth disturbance in the grounds of The Bunglelow, could this have been something to do with a dog track?.