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Beaufort Park, Swansea SA6

The district of Morriston is located on the outskirts of Swansea, roughly three miles north of the Swansea’s city centre. An application to stage dog racing at an old football ground in Morristown was refused during 1927.

But it was during 1932 that the sport arrived, albeit for a brief spell only. It was staged at a venue known as Beaufort Park, possibly located on Morriston Marsh, which banks The River Tawe. The venues exact location still remains unknown, although a large factory known as Beaufort Works is located close by the River Tawe, and it is suggested that the venue may have been close to that.

The venue is also to have staged boxing bouts, but a late December 1935 newspaper article reveals the sale of all greyhound racing equipment, and therefore it is presumed that no more greyhound racing took place after this date.

My presumption is that although further information remains remote, it is suggested that this venue may have been more established than what the local press offers.

This newspaper article dated December 18th 1935, announces the sale of the venue and its equipment.