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Reading-Wokingham Road, Winnersh, Reading Berkshire RG41

Newspaper cuttings reveal that a Greyhound and Whippet track existed near Loddon Bridge, a structure situated northwest of the village of Winnersh in in the county of Berkshire.

The village of Winnersh itself lies two miles northwest of Wokingham and four miles southeast of Reading. Loddon Bridge is a road bridge that crosses the River Lodden which was once the main link between Reading and Wokingham known today as the A329. The track itself was located in the grounds of the Lodden Tea Gardens which lay southwest of the bridge. Little is revealed on how the track operated but due to its brief existence it is thought that the 400-yard two bend track staged three meetings per week. Its first gathering was on the 26th of May 1933, but it is not revealed how many further meetings were staged after that. My assumption of were the track once lay, is now covered by land occupied by Pets Corner and its surrounds just off Reading Road in Winnersh.

This press cutting is dated May 19th 1933.
This caption dated May 26th 1933 announces it opening.
This cutting dated June 9th 1933 reveals its location.